Morning Prayer

Dear Heavenly Father, as another new day gets underway we pour out our hearts in praise to you. Your glorious majesty defies description. Your awesome power transcends our ability to comprehend. Thoughts of your majestic sweetness warm our hearts and calm our souls. You are holy, holy, holy. To you alone belongs all glory and honor. To you, our Father and our God, we lift up our hearts in adoration and praise.

Thank you, dear Father, for extending your grace and favor to us. Thank you for letting us glimpse your glory through the gift of your beloved Son. Thank you for His glorious life that truly lights our world. And, thank you for allowing us to see and know grace and truth as we behold His glory.

Please help us understand the depth of your love for us. Help us embrace the fact that we are loved by you, that we are precious in your sight. Help us understand that because of the great love you have for us, we are privileged to enter into a special relationship with you. Help us always to remember that this relationship is made possible by the sacrifice and suffering of your beloved Son. Help us treasure all that He has done and continues to do to make it possible for us to remain in this relationship with you.

Help us, also, remember your mercy and grace extended to us as we interact with people throughout the day. Help us help others see you more clearly. May our hearts be fully devoted to you and your Word so that each of us will be an authentic reflection of your glory. Help us help others find the sources of joy in their lives. Help us help others come to know you so they can experience true comfort from whatever causes them sorrow and pain.

As we begin another week of hurrying and scurrying about our busy lives, we pause to express our sincere praise of your majesty. We are amazed that the Creator of the Cosmos is mindful of each one of us and thankful that you are attentive to our needs.

We confess to you that we are intensely aware of our frailties and failings as humans. We also acknowledge that we are utterly dependent upon you for all that we have and all that we are able to do in this every day. We ask you to help us deny ourselves, take up our crosses and simply follow Jesus so that we might live in such a way as to bring you honor and glory.

We humbly ask you to guide our steps throughout this week. Help us search for and find ways to serve as instruments of your peace in this tumultuous, sin-savaged world. Help us to be a blessing to others. Please help us choose actions that are just and merciful; and, fill us with your Holy Spirit that we might be empowered to walk humbly with you each step of the way.

Please bless those whose names flow from our hearts to your throne.

Provide for each of these according to their needs.

Accept our thanksgiving for your sustaining grace in our lives. Thank you for being the Giver of every good and perfect gift we have received. Help us to bring you pleasure by enjoying these gifts. Help us, also, to honor you by being good stewards of all you have placed in our care.

Above all, thank you for the indescribable gift of your Son to be our Lord and Savior. Please give us the faith, courage, grace and wisdom we need to follow in Him each and every day.

In the precious and powerful name of Jesus we pray.

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